Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Nae Limits

Far be it for me to Blaw My AinTrumpet, but pass all the spare brass instrumentage lying around please...for here I go!

 I was on Newsnet Scotland one evening last week, perusing the latest stories - don't remember which one it was - but someone had put a wee poem in the comments section. I liked it and several others commented on how good they thought it was. 
It immediately struck me it would make a great wee song. So I left a message in the comments for the author to contact me via this blog if they were interested. Just proves the anonymity of these threads.. cuz right up until they contacted me, I thought SHE was a HE!
Anyway, long story short, after too-ing and fro-ing with lyrics between myself and Margaret Todd .... this is the result. I don't know if the tune's original, it is probably an amalgamation of every wee folk song we've ever heard over the years, but the lyrics are entirely original. 

I hope you enjoy Nae Limits, for we are only limited by the restrictions we permit others to put upon us. 

For Scotland, NAE LIMITS!

Nae limits he said, nae limits at a'
Fae the weans in their pram, tae yer canty auld Maw
We'll hae nae mair limits in this land o' oors
For when we vote AYE we'll tak a' the poo'ers

We’ll nourish oor weans in the way that we ought
An' cherish the auld wi' them wantin' for nought
Oor poorly an lame can a’ bide an no fleg
We’ll fend fur them a’, an’ they’ll no hae tae beg

Wae courage we’ll build up oor country fae scratch 
Ither nations will seek oot oor standards tae match
Tae oor freins an oor kin wur hauns we'll haud wide
This land will prosper, an we’ll dae it wae pride 

Weel, this is the way oor nation will be
Staunin tall oan oor feet, an’ no bent at the knee
When ower oor heids’ the Saltire she goes
They'll be mony that's greetin' or blawin their nose

Nae limits, Nae limits, Nae limits we'll shout
So them that wad swither are left in nae doubt
Wi the sweat oan oor broo an' stripped tae oor semmits
We'll shout wi' wan voice FOR SCOTLAND NAE LIMITS

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