Monday 13 April 2015

Well Played Nicola

In the last 100 hours we’ve seen some rather dramatic election happenings. The machinations are utterly inconsequential to the English, but so very impactful north of Hadrian’s Wall.

We have seen Nicola Sturgeon re-emphasize her offer to the Labour Party, as in the London Establishment one crewed by the failed coxswains of Eton, Oxford and Cambridge. ‘Let’s work together to put Ed in number 10’, with the undertaking ‘I’ll make certain he’s got a spine and will follow through on at least some of his promises’.

Although the SNP know they’ll have a very limited window in Westminster to achieve much of anything before a future snap election is called, that offer can now be seen to be a bit of genius, intentional or otherwise.

I say ‘genius’ because it has assured Ed that Scotland is utterly irrelevant in this contest. It doesn't matter which way the country votes (not that it ever really did, much) because now he’s got the country in the bag.

Not having to placate Scots voters effectively allowed him to turn his attentions to middle England’s middle class, which is where almost all the UK General Elections since the end of the World War II have been won or lost.

Add that to a few polls showing the Conservatives starting to nudge ahead and Ed had little choice if he doesn't want to hemorrhage votes down there. He’s now got to practice some big time appeasement in Middle England, and pretty much guarantee them that unlike our oil revenues, their taxes won’t be ‘redistributed’.

Problem for Ed and Ed is the anointed leader of a non-existent Scottish Labour Party, specifically James Murphy Esq.

Jim, under their banner, has been doing just the opposite. He’s been promising that re-distribution. He promised it again after Nicola’s offer. In reality, he’d not a lot of choice, bleeding support as he is; he had to offer the now unfaithful something to tempt them back into the red-painted pen.

In reality, Nicola’s offer, ignoring Jim, sidelining him really, and going right to the power was genius. It told Ed, Ed and company, ‘deal with me, we’re equals in this game’.

It took less than 24 hours for Ed to chuck Jim under the bus wheels.

Ed’s deputy joined in not long after.

Poor Jim got ‘Chuka(d)’ again today. I expect he’s feeling a bit ‘tyred’ by now, which will be why he skipped the telly interview.

Wait a minute; a politician skipping an interview opportunity?

That one has me gobsmacked!

No matter what Labour and Ed Miliband now say before May 8th, these actions prove that absent a single party majority, the Labour-SNP deal is on the table, and Ed’s working for it in the only way he can, by winning Middle England and discarding Jim under the party bus.

For the first time in three centuries, Scots have a chance to participate actively in government.

Even if it fails, through a second election or a single party majority – Nicola Sturgeon will have won in the end.

Plan B – gotta love it!


  1. Being a Panda and a Pedant. Eton is where the boating song and political wankers come from. Eaton is a department store in Canada. How are you keeping honey. Hope you and yours are holding up.

    Yea, it was a pretty stunning day yesterday, what with poll results and then the immolation of Smurfy in a very public manner and place.

    Scotland is now judged to be lost by London Labour and all pumps have been moved to the flash fires all over England which he needs to form a Government with the SNP. Can you imagine him going into discussions with Nicola, with a threadbare erse of seats in England?

    Steady as she goes No 1.

    1. Your pedantry noted, appreciated and acted upon!
      All fine and dandy out this way although I must admit to being too nervous to totally accept these polls unquestioningly ... but hope springs eternal, and all that.
      Scotland was never in Westminster's eye as she fell into the Red Rosette on a Donkey Carcass for too many decades, but the the Big Blousy Lass has awakened and isn't entirely content with her lot any more. Let's hope our folks have the courage to go out there on the 7th and show the rest of this dysfunctional union the way to go.