Tuesday 8 September 2015

KYLE MACKIE'S Essay on the Daily Mail's Peter Hitchens' attitude towards the current REFUGEE crisis.

Intro: This is a post I came across on a friend's feed today. It was originally posted by KYLE MACKIE. I believe it is too good not to reproduce and disseminate as far and wide as possible. I'd appreciate your help in achieving this goal.

It's nice to see the Daily Fail, and in particular Peter Hitchens are as right wing, prejudiced, intolerant, xenophobic, and racist as ever when it comes to the refugee crisis.

According to Hitchens, we'll be destroying our own country if we let in those few thousand people who arrived at Calais after fleeing from the brutality of Islamic State, and we have a responsibility to look after the country we inherited from our parents.

Maybe he's right. Because the several thousand Albanian Kosovan refugees we allowed to settle here 20 years ago most certainly destroyed this country, right?

Or maybe in Peter Hitchens mind it was in 1992 when we let thousands of Bosnian refugees fleeing from Yugoslavia settle here that the country started to collapse.

Perhaps Peter Hitchens thinks 40 years ago all those Vietnamese refugees who risked being eaten by sharks in the South China Sea and came to the UK to flee the communist North were a betrayal to the ancestors we "inherited" this country from. Or maybe he hates the "boat people" more than he claims to hate communists.

Or maybe in Peter Hitchens world view, when Chilean refugees came here to escape the brutal regime of his hero Margaret Thatcher's good friend Augusto Pinochet from 1973-79, they started the decline of the UK.

Or if not them, then perhaps Hitchens thinks Enoch Powell was right, and the 28,000 Ugandan Asian refugees that came here in 1972 after being kicked out of their own country by Idi Amin caused all of our problems.

Or perhaps all of the Hungarian refugees who fled to this country after the uprising against the communist regime were what stopped Britain being Great, despite the fact they were essential to fill the shortages in our labour market at the time.

Or maybe the 50,000 refugees from the Soviet Union and other communist nations that we accepted between 1945 and 1960 were betraying our parents legacy. Peter Hitchens likes to proudly boast his father was in the Royal Navy during the Second World War. When our forces were opposing the idea of fascism.

Or if it wasn't them, maybe in Peter Hitchens mind the 250,000 Polish refugees that fought in the British Army, and fled communism during and after that same war, should have been turned away because of the negative influence they clearly had on our country.

Or maybe Peter Hitchens is hearkening back to the good old days of the mid to late 1930s when his paper the Daily Mail, and Daily Express were demanding an end to the asylum being granted to Jewish refugees escaping Nazi Germany. And we all know how much they destroyed our heritage, right?

Or if not them, perhaps Peter would like to cast his mind back to the 4,000 Basque child refugees that fled the Spanish Civil War. Since we all know how much of a threat children from that part of the world were to this country.

Or perhaps Peter Hitchens thinks the decline of this country and our way of life began when 250,000 Belgian refugees were granted asylum in this country during the First World War.

Or if it was none of them, then this country that we inherited from our parents with a culture we must protect according to Hitchens, must have started to decline when 200,000 Russian and Eastern European Jewish refugees were granted asylum from 1880 to 1914.

I could go on, but perhaps this should be enough to put into perspective how stupid this mind-set of allowing people into the country destroying our way of life and culture really is.
And more importantly how that argument not only isn't new, but it should be viewed now as we view it looking back to those other instances:

Racism with a supposedly respectable face.

Original Post. Credit to Kyle Mackie.

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